Our Aproach

We develop biosensors for molecular diagnostics. Our research interests include the fabrication of multifunctional protein-decorated nanoparticles, the development of new self-assembled plasmonic materials and the integration of smartphones in colorimetric detection.

We are exploring new ways to assemble gold nanoparticles with proteins in order to tailor their plasmonic properties for biosensing applications. The resulting bionanomaterials retain the biomolecular functions of the proteins and are able to autonomously reconfigure their structure, and therefore their optical properties, as a function of different stimuli in their environment. These properties make them ideal for the fabrication of colorimetric biosensors for point-of-care diagnostics.

We have an interest in the fabrication of Janus particles with new functions arising from their asymmetric coating with proteins and enzymes. This approach has allowed us to manufacture self-propelled particles that disrupt biomolecular interactions depending on the concentration of the enzyme motor fuel.

We are developing new detection methods that only require a piece of paper and a smartphone to diagnose diseases. In this approach, augmented reality apps recognize plasmon changes in bioengineered nanoparticles and generate digitally augmented messages depending on the levels of disease biomarkers. Our apps have a strong focus on the user interface and aim at facilitating the intepretation of the assay by non-specialists using easily understandable visual cues.

Please visit our facebook page for regular updates about our projects, including public engagement activities: https://www.facebook.com/delaricalab