Gold Supraparticles for Nanomedicine

Tailored plasmonic properties for detecting and killing tumor cells

Gold nanoparticles are becoming indispensable tools in the nanomedicine toolbox. They have the perfect size to accumulate in tumors, enable detecting disease progress in vivo, and can be used to eliminate diseased cells through nanoparticle-generated hyperthermia. Our lab is developing new strategies for assembling gold supraparticles with well-defined spatial organization in order to enhance the sensitivity of in vivo sensors and photothermal nanoheaters.


Our supraparticles are biocompatible and can include different types of nanomaterials for the fabrication of multifunctional supraparticles. For example, we assemble supraparticles containing magnetic and plasmonic nano-building blocks that enable accumulating, identifying and eliminating cancer cells with the same nanomedicine. We have also developed methods for assembling highly compact gold supraparticles that afford extraordinary sensitivity in intracellular measurements.